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In order to demonstrate the spatial and functional implications of the “Jakarta Bersih!” strategy, we designed a sequence of building propositions, applied to the rehabili­tation along riverbeds in Jakarta. The issue of resettlement is most urgent along the rivers in this city. Dredging can lower the amount of floods in the near future drastically, which means the inhabitants of the communities in dredging areas will need to be relocated soon.


As part of the Land Acquisition Resettlement Action Plan (LARAP), a design proposi­tion is made relocating the fisherman’s community along the riverbeds of the Banjir Canal, located at Kali Muara Angke. The plans are developed in corporation with the World Bank, the Ministry of Housing and the DKI Jakarta. The area is extremely vul­nerable to flooding. Dredging is inevitable. In order to start the dredging process, the fisherman’s community needs to be relocated in such a way, that it will sustain.



Competition IABR-competitie

Program Mixed use

Locatie Jakarta

Year 2009

Designteam Steven Brunsmann, Johan Krol, Tanja van der Laan, Joao Bentes de Oliveira

Panel Jakarta Bersih! phase 2


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